Our mission

The Climat'Optimists is a youth movement formed by volunteers during the Climate Walk held on 8th September, 2018. We are not depressed nor fatalistic, on the contrary, we want to show that YES, green actions everyday can go a very long way! The Climat'Optimists: a public interest association (1901 law) since December 2019 🤗

In 2018, mankind used more from nature than our planet could renew starting August, 1st. Unfortunately, what is uncommonly known as the Earth Overshoot Day (EOD) occurs more often every year, and is rooted in a worldwide context of overconsumption, climate emergency, and diminishing biodiversity.

Water, oceans, energy, agriculture, health, biodiversity: a joint action will be the only possible answer to fulfill the imperative set by the Paris Agreement, whose long-term goal is to limit global warming to below 2 °C.
That is why we wished to respond to Nicolas Hulot's call for action in support of climate and biodiversity upon the first Climate March in Paris on 8th September, 2018.

We, today's youth, want to show skeptics and fatalists that we are not resigned, and that it is within everybody's reach - public authorities, companies, citizens - to act daily for an environment we want healthy.
Climate change is not inevitable. If a global action is carried out, and each individual sets to work, we will be able to look to the future with great OP-TI-MISM!

Agir au quotidien
pour un environnement sain

Vivien, Co-président des Climat'Optimistes,
lors de la Marche pour le Climat le 8 septembre 2018

Protéger la biodiversité

Chaque petit geste est utile ! Ça vous dirait de venir ramasser les déchets avec nous ? 🙂

Provoquer le changement
Convaincre nos employeurs et nos universités d'agir pour le climat 🌿
Promouvoir nos priorités pour la transition écologique et l'avenir que nous voulons 📝
Encourager ceux qui n'attendent pas la COP quarante-douze pour proposer un autre modèle de société ! 🙏