International Women’s Day 🌿🌏☀️

↖️ Virginie, Head of Climate Mobilisations
↗️ Pauline, Head of Oceans
↙️ Manon, Head of Education
↘️ Asma, Co-president

All committed to fighting climate change and protecting biodiversity… but not content to wait around until the year 2168, when gender equality will be achieved at prevailing rates of progress!

SIA 2020: Thanks to Fred from “L’Esprit Sorcier”! 🌿

Guess who we bumped into at this year’s French agricultural fair?

None other than a genuine star of the small screen in France, Frédéric Courant! Fred is one of the main protagonists of French science and education programmes “L’Esprit Sorcier” and “C’est pas sorcier !” (literally, “It’s not rocket science!”).

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We’re Looking for a new UNESCO Project Manager! 🇺🇳

© Les Climat'Optimistes

Do you want to take action in order to help prevent climate change and promote the preservation of biodiversity? Would you like to take part in volunteer work for a worthy and enjoyable cause? Are diplomacy and international relations something you really dig?

Well, look no further! Apply to work alongside us in this worthwhile endeavour!
Deadline: 15 March at midnight!

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Check it out: we are on TV for Gulli’s Green Week! 📺

French children’s TV channel Gulli held its environmental awareness week this January, and to mark the occasion, we were joined by the team from Wazup, one of their programmes!

As Vivien is keen to point out, “Any item of waste, when carried by the wind, will end up in the ocean at some point”. With this in mind, it’s important to remain vigilant all year round!

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At the Vivez Nature and Permae Fairs 🌿

This weekend it was off to French trade fairs ‘Vivez Nature’ and ‘Permae’ to meet and greet all those who aren’t simply content to wait around for the next fifteen climate agreements before taking action on climate change and offering a viable alternative!

Between DIY solutions, zero-waste offerings, passive house displays and much, much more, we truly saw it all!

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Vivez Nature Fair: Thanks to ZoEssentiels! 🌿

Fed up with everything disposable? Yearning to switch to a reusable alternative? Well, if you want to leave all that artificial packaging waste behind, just take a look at what ZoEssentiels have on offer!

ZoEssentiels is a French online shop owned and run by Aurélie, who is both a mother concerned for the future and an environmentally conscious entrepreneur committed to zero-waste alternatives.

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La Gentle Factory x The Climat’Optimists

BIG NEWS: We are delighted to be collaborating with eco-friendly French clothing manufacturer La Gentle Factory for their January sustainable sample sale!

La Gentle Factory is a Roubaix-based environmental clothing brand that is 100% made in France and fully committed to the fashion revolution! With your help, La Gentle Factory’s very genteel team will be able to take part in our activities.

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