Baby Nappies: The Minister’s Reply! 👶

We recently reached out to the French Minister for the environment, Brune Poirson, in order to cast a light over the issue of toxic materials used in the production of baby nappies.

We wanted to directly enquire about the measures that could be taken in order to better inspect (in a faster and more transparent manner) the production process for such products. In addition, we wanted to raise awareness among parents about their composition, giving them the chance to opt for products less potentially harmful to their baby’s health.

You’ll find the Minister’s response (in French) to our query here (pictured) 🤓

In sum:
➡️ In January of this year, industry representatives committed to eliminating allergenic substances (cf. perfumes) in baby nappies over the next three months, giving them a cut-off date of April 2019;
➡️ Industry representatives also committed to improving the information provided to consumers on the labels of such products, giving them a cut-off date of July 2019;
➡️ Brune Poirson expressed her determination to act on this matter and congratulated us for our activism on behalf of the planet 🤗🌿🌏☀️

Read page 2 of her response below (French only)