Vivez Nature Fair: Thanks to ZoEssentiels! 🌿

Fed up with everything disposable? Yearning to switch to a reusable alternative? Well, if you want to leave all that artificial packaging waste behind, just take a look at what ZoEssentiels have on offer! 🤗

ZoEssentiels is a French online shop owned and run by Aurélie, who is both a mother concerned for the future and an environmentally conscious entrepreneur committed to zero-waste alternatives 🆙

Via the online store, you can find all manner of options in line with the ZoEssentiels’ zero-waste ethos, from bulk-bought foodstuffs, to kits that help you make your own cosmetic supplies, not to mention Aurélie’s many creations using reusable fabrics!

We here at Les Climat’Optimistes thought it opportune to use the trade fair to extend our gratitude to ZoEssentiels for their hard work in convincing people to move towards zero-waste solutions, providing an alternative lifestyle that protects the environment and the biodiversity around us! 🌿🌏☀️