World Poetry Day 🌸

It’s World Poetry Day! And to momentarily get your mind off all the lockdown measures, check out these rhymes for the harder times 🤗

In celebration of the ocean’s beauty and the magic of biodiversity, of course! 🐳

Here is the adaptation of the French verses in English by Leo, our Head of Translation:

Waste in motion
The breeze carries in
Atop the ocean, waste’s journey doth begin

In winter’s wake, as on a summer’s day
Discarded debris
From ocean doth not drift away

Of ash and ciggy butts beref
Oft are swept with haste
In the ocean find their crypt
Trusting refuge for such waste

To preserve the nature and the range
Upon brave soldiers must be called
Collect the debris and the strange
By depth and breadth remain appalled

Minor labour sent to toil
A modest gesture, no great expense
Water’s virtue not to spoil
3 million litres protected hence

In vain, doth not exert
From older man to younger child
Emerald actions every day
And so, may nature remain forever wild