🎂 It’s our birthday! 🎂

There you have it folks! We’ve just blown out our first candle! One whole year of tangible actions since first participating in the Rise for Climate march on 8 September 2018. One whole year of heeding the call to action pronounced by Nicolas Hulot for the sake of climate and biodiversity 🐝

To celebrate our first birthday, we gifted ourselves with… a beach CleanUp! 😄 But that’s not all! We also had a thorough review of everything we’ve achieved throughout these past twelve months:

♻️ CleanUp activities and #waste removal outings organised every two months to help preserve the oceans. #CleanUp #CigaretteButts
💡 Regularly unplugging shop signs to help protect biodiversity. #LightsOut
🍅 Implementing the Green Monday initiative, as requested in one of our very own employers’ canteens
🌊 Participation in the Voice for the Ocean public consultation organised by Surfrider Foundation Europe
🏅 Asma’s appointment to the admin board of the International Water Resources Association (IWRA)
🏅 Vivien’s appointment as Global Youth Climate Ambassador. #GYCN
🇺🇳 Working alongside the United Nations to further foster relations between UNESCO and NGOs
🎓 Raising awareness among secondary school pupils in Amiens, in northern France, over the course of the Climate Strike that took place on 24 May of this year
📝 Proposals we made to the French government via the citizens’ engagement platform, which were then relayed by MP Matthieu Orphelin and published in the French Republic’s parliamentary gazette. 🙏
📩 Over 60 mails sent out to publicise our activities
📩 The letter we addressed to French Minister Brune Poirson on the subject of baby nappies and the reply we were greeted with!
🐰 Signing L214’s petition against intensive farming practises
💧 Asma’s article published in the UN Chronicle on the role of young people in integrated water resources management
🎤 Directly participating at various events: Lauriane in Moscow alongside UNESCO, Manon at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, Thibaut at the Institut du Nouveau Monde in Quebec, Asma in Slovenia and Stockholm in order to mark World Water Week, as well as taking part in the UNESCO Water Conference in Paris alongside Virginie
🙌 So many wonderful encounters with wonderful people at trade fairs who are already changing the way we live. These events included ViniBio, Noël en Bio and Made in France, not to mention the International Agricultural Fair
😍 Our partnerships with La Gentle Factory and Les Nouveaux Robinson!

In order to celebrate this first birthday the right way, we’ve decided to take the next step and officially register for association status!

So, if you too want to show that green actions every day can go a very long way, don’t hesitate! Get in touch and join us now!