10th UNESCO International Forum of NGOs

On 26 and 27 November, UNESCO and the NGO-Unesco Liaison Committee organised in Moscow the 10th International Forum of NGOs, in partnership with the Russian Peace Foundation and the Russian Academy of Sciences.

The theme of the 10th Forum was “Science as a Common Good of Humankind”. Participants considered how science could contribute to peace-making and progress in the various fields of food security, health, education, gender inequalities, and also water management and climate change.

Lauriane, our Head of Research, was nominated by UNESCO to represent The Climat’Optimists in Moscow and show that YES, you can be a young woman, doing a PhD thesis and #Act4Climate! 🌿🌏☀️

Lauriane could emphasise that under-representation of #women in higher education systems is still an issue in western countries. And that in particular young women access to science has to be supported 

Thank you UNESCO for the opportunity, looking forward to more gender-balanced panels in next year’s plenaries 😉

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