A ‘Paris-Roubaix’ Visit to La Gentle Factory

We had a great time visiting our friends at La Gentle Factory in their new offices and workshop in Roubaix, situated in northern France! 🙏

La Gentle Factory is a French fashion brand that works hard daily to provide an environmentally friendly alternative to mainstream high street fashion brands. Their wares are woven from organic cotton and recycled fibres, not to mention being entirely manufactured in our own backyard here in France! 🇫🇷 

We took advantage of the “Made in France” expo back in November to thank them for their commitment to optimistically addressing issues related to climate change and biodiversity through their activities! 🌿🌏☀️
(For those not quite up to speed, there’s more info on that here!)

Since then, so many things have happened! La Gentle Factory has notably uprooted and moved to Roubaix, a place of great historical significance for the textiles industry!

Would you like to know more about them? Well, you’re in luck! The company’s Founder, Christèle, tells us all about their gentle adventures here!