At the Vivez Nature and Permae Fairs 🌿

This weekend it was off to French trade fairs ‘Vivez Nature’ and ‘Permae’ to meet and greet all those who aren’t simply content to wait around for the next fifteen climate agreements before taking action on climate change and offering a viable alternative! 🌿🌏☀️

Between DIY solutions, zero-waste offerings, passive house displays and much, much more, we truly saw it all! 🤗

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Vivez Nature Fair: Thanks to ZoEssentiels! 🌿

Fed up with everything disposable? Yearning to switch to a reusable alternative? Well, if you want to leave all that artificial packaging waste behind, just take a look at what ZoEssentiels have on offer! 🤗

ZoEssentiels is a French online shop owned and run by Aurélie, who is both a mother concerned for the future and an environmentally conscious entrepreneur committed to zero-waste alternatives 🆙

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Vivez Nature Fair: Thanks to Savoir-faire & Découverte! 🌿

Ever wanted to attend a workshop on how to make delicious vegetarian meals? Or a crash course on the most effective medicinal plants? Or indeed a lesson on honey and sustainable beekeeping? 🐝

Well, with Savoir-Faire & Découverte, you’ve come to the right place! 🤓

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La Gentle Factory x The Climat’Optimists

BIG NEWS: We are delighted to be collaborating with eco-friendly French clothing manufacturer La Gentle Factory for their January sustainable sample sale! 🎁

La Gentle Factory is a Roubaix-based environmental clothing brand that is 100% made in France and fully committed to the fashion revolution! With your help, La Gentle Factory’s very genteel team will be able to take part in our activities 😍

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November CleanUp with Gulli ♻️

We reached a new record in terms of participation at our last CleanUp outing! This is no small feat, considering the chilly weather at this time of year! 

And this time it was a cross-generational affair, with those joining us ranging from 7 to 77 years of age! French children’s TV channel Gulli also decided to pitch in and film us for the occasion 🎥

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Ambitious Policy to Fight Light Pollution 💡

Last April and October, we set out on the streets of Paris in order to check if shop fronts had their lights switched off in the early hours of the morning.

The results were… decidedly worse than expected. And worse still, even chains whose attention we drew to the situation on our previous outing continued to leave their lights on past the legally permitted time of day. A whole six months after we’d informed them of the damage this can cause.

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Circular Economy and How to Recycle Fishing Nets 🐳

In July and September, we headed out to France’s northern Opal Coast to collect rubbish and plastic waste. On both of our clean-up outings, at the beaches of Berck-sur-Mer and Merlimont, we came across a considerable amount of plastic fishing nets and resultant residue 🙈

Industrial fishing nets like this are made from synthetic nylon and constitute large-scale waste that is both a danger for human consumption in the seafood we eat, as a well as a huge risk for marine life and biodiversity 🐳

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