November CleanUp with Gulli ♻️

We reached a new record in terms of participation at our last CleanUp outing! This is no small feat, considering the chilly weather at this time of year! 

And this time it was a cross-generational affair, with those joining us ranging from 7 to 77 years of age! French children’s TV channel Gulli also decided to pitch in and film us for the occasion 🎥

As usual, we found a lot of things that have no business being out there in the wild, from plastic waste to glass bottles, not to mention used cans, old cigarette butts, discarded toothbrushes and much, much more. Worse still, we even happened upon an old cannister of… nitrous oxide! 🙈

Let’s not forget, 250kg of plastic waste flows into the ocean each second. In just two hours, that’s no less than 1.8 million kg of waste winding up in our oceans! 😱

For our clean-up operation, thanks to the help of our friends and volunteers, we gathered 1426 cigarette butts and nearly 17kg of waste in the space of just one hour! Collecting litter to protect oceans and water, it’s also possible in winter 🐳

Check out all our photos of the operation on our Facebook page!