World Bee Day with a Buzz: Welcome Fabien! 🐝

Happy World Bee Day, everyone! And with that, we have a major announcement for you: our team is growing 😀

Welcome to Fabien, our new Urban Greening Officer! Revegetation and reintroducing nature to our surroundings is one very important way we can mitigate the effects of climate change and ensure the preservation of biodiversity 🌿🌏☀️

International Day of Light 2020! 💡

Today marks International Day of Light 2020! And what better time to fight against – you guessed it! – light pollution? 🤗

With each and every lights-out operation that we undertake, we come across far too many shop fronts and shop signage left illuminated well after 1:00am, which flies in the face of prevailing regulations. 😒 Lire plus – Continue reading “International Day of Light 2020! 💡”


It’s the beginning of the Fair-Trade Fortnight! And what better opportunity to promote the ethical and socially conscious approach adopted by certain brands, who believe that local producers of cocoa, tea, coffee, rice and coconut should receive more than peanuts for their produce! 🍫

According to Ademe, the French agency for environmental transition, in 2015, the average French person spent no more than a paltry €0.15 on ethically produced / sourced produce. 🙈 Lire plus – Continue reading “FAIR-TRADE FORTNIGHT 🌿”