As you all know, one of our top priorities has always been protecting the oceans from land-based pollution. Remember when we contributed to the World CleanUp Day to preserve biodiversity and climate? 🚮

Within a year we were able to collect more than 5,800 cigarette butts, thereby saving 3 million litres of water! We also picked up a variety of litter —all of which should not be thrown out in the first place—, which inevitably would end up in the ocean 🙈

Quarantines prevented us from continuing our scheduled environmental cleanups, yet we stay committed to our goals to protect marine ecosystems and will keep on finding ways, programs and organisations which seek to act for the oceans 🐟

We are therefore thrilled to announce that we joined the Génération Mer community in order to pursue our commitment to ensure the health of oceans ! Scientists, athletes, explorers, associations, foundations, etc: together we are determined to raise public awareness about the necessity to protect oceans ! 🌿🌏☀️

Have a look at the charter here !

International Day of Light 2020! 💡

Today marks International Day of Light 2020! And what better time to fight against – you guessed it! – light pollution? 🤗

With each and every lights-out operation that we undertake, we come across far too many shop fronts and shop signage left illuminated well after 1:00am, which flies in the face of prevailing regulations. 😒 Lire plus – Continue reading “International Day of Light 2020! 💡”


It’s the beginning of the Fair-Trade Fortnight! And what better opportunity to promote the ethical and socially conscious approach adopted by certain brands, who believe that local producers of cocoa, tea, coffee, rice and coconut should receive more than peanuts for their produce! 🍫

According to Ademe, the French agency for environmental transition, in 2015, the average French person spent no more than a paltry €0.15 on ethically produced / sourced produce. 🙈 Lire plus – Continue reading “FAIR-TRADE FORTNIGHT 🌿”


Alongside French animal rights NGO Convergence Animaux Politique, as well as 56 others, we wanted to express our desire that tomorrow’s post-Covid world be a better place for animal rights and for the environment! Our demands to this effect include the following: 🐷 The end of intensive livestock farming. 🐯 The end of shows and spectacles involving wild animals. 🐰 The development of alternatives to animal-based experimentation. 🐶 Increased support for organisations that provide shelter for animals. Lire plus – Continue reading “ON COURSE TO A BETTER WORLD FOR ANIMAL PROTECTION AND THE ENVIRONMENT 🐰”


What if lockdown and self-isolation represented the perfect time to try out something new in our cosmetics regimes? What if it gave us the opportunity to try a homemade alternative? And, above all, something without the usual toxins!

Back in 2018, we had the pleasure of meeting Eric, Co-Founder of Cosmetisy (check out the story here), who told us more about his cosmetics business and its unique value proposition.

At a time when an increasing number of people are suffering allergic reactions to chemical-based products, Eric and his team wanted to offer an eco-conscious, toxin-free, DIY alternative to mass-market cosmetic goods. #DIY #DoItYoureslf 🌺 Lire plus – Continue reading “PURELY COSMETIC! WHAT ABOUT A NON-TOXIC ALTERNATIVE?”

Les Climat’Optimistes at UNESCO

Our Communications Officer Thibaut represented Les Climat’Optimistes at one of UNESCO’s Liaison Committee meetings, where the organisation meets and engages in dialogue with associations active in a number of different areas.

Thibaut outlined our activities, our work for the protection of biodiversity, as well as our participation in the political arena in order to make environmental transition a tangible reality. Lire plus – Continue reading “Les Climat’Optimistes at UNESCO”

International Women’s Day 2019

✅ A joint Presidency representative of both sexes, with Asma and Vivien at the helm? – check!

✅ A team made up of 77% women? – check!

✅ Les Climat’Optimistes aren’t prepared to wait until the year 3000 before promoting gender equality and female empowerment. It’s always been part of our DNA.

With that, let us take this opportunity to thank the women that make Les Climat’Optimistes what it is today! A big thanks to Asma, Manon, Lauriane, Sarah, Annabelle, Lola and Chloé for their commitment to fighting climate change and protecting biodiversity!

A Big Thanks to Terre de Liens at this Year’s Agricultural Fair

Every second of every day, 20 m2 of land is submerged under a pile of concrete, before then making way for new construction projects.

One major consequence of this? The price of land has skyrocketed in recent years!

Indeed, it has increased by almost 40% in the last ten years alone, forcing young people with agricultural ambitions to take out lifelong loans and become mired in significant debt in a bid to purchase their plot.

To counter this rapid rise in cost, Terre de Liens has decided to embark on a mission. That of preserving agricultural land from new construction projects in order to make way for new farms instead!

To this end, Terre de Liens buys up farmland and prevents agricultural plots from being rezoned and swallowed up, thus allowing young farmers to set up shop in a manner that is respectful to both the local ecosystem and animal welfare. Thanks to their efforts, no less than 260 farmers have been able to launch their own locally produced, organic and community-based agricultural endeavours.

For all their efforts, we wanted to say a big thanks to the team at Terre de Liens for supporting an agricultural and dietary model that is at once good for the environment, biodiversity and people’s health!

Want to find out more about their work in less than 60 seconds? Click here for more details!