CleanUp on the Seine Riverbank ♻️

It is estimated that around 300 million tonnes of plastic are found in the ocean as we speak. As our friends at Surfrider Foundation Europe are keen to point out, approximately 1,500,000kg of waste winds up in the sea every two hours.

Each item of improperly discarded waste will eventually end up in the ocean. In order to prevent this to the best of our abilities, we once again embarked upon a clean-up outing, this time on the quays of the river Seine in Paris. We collected cigarette butts, bottlecaps and myriad forms of #plastic all along the riverbank! ♻️

Warmer days and sunny evenings are only around the corner, and soon we’ll be treating ourselves to some rest and relaxation out on the city’s lush grass and pristine lawns. But before that time comes, just remember one thing!

A #ZeroWaste drink is much easier than you think! 😎🌱🌏☀️