For World Water Day, Don’t Throw That Cigarette Away! 💧

Today marks World Water Day 2020!

As you may be spending a good deal more time than usual in front of your laptop or television screens during this lockdown period, we reckoned it might be a good time to check out the full version of our clean-up operation alongside French TV channel Gulli to herald in Environmental Awareness Week.

As you may already be aware, just one cigarette butt contaminates no less than 500 litres of water!

For over a year now, we have gathered up over 5,800 cigarette butts as part of our clean-up outings, and simply by throwing them in the bin instead of on the ground, we’ve been able to protect 3 million litres of water from such contamination!

Always remember, and as our friends at Surfrider Foundation Europe are wont to remind us, “Cigarettes on the ground, in the water will be found!”