June CleanUp in Montmartre ♻️

Sunny days are back again, so we decided to take a trip to Montmartre for another CleanUp operation.

Manon took this opportunity to focus primarily on cigarette butts, which were – unsurprisingly so – the most common form of rubbish we collected 🙈

Over 2 billion cigarette butts are improperly discarded each year in Paris alone. And yet, correctly disposing of just one cigarette butt means that 500 litres of water are spared from contamination! 💧

So, what did we find? Discarded cans, bottle caps, cigarette butts… the list goes on! And when the wind blows, each one of these items ends up in the ocean at some point or another. No less than one and a half tonnes’ worth of waste flows into our #oceans every two hours 🎈

And who has the power to change this? You do!

Green actions every day can go a very long way! Especially in summertime. Because, let’s be honest, those long evening drinks among friends are so much classier when zero waste is involved 😎🌿🌏☀️

P.S. A big thanks to those who have encouraged us in our efforts! A special mention for La Gentle Factory for the great sweatshirts they gave us, emblazoned with “Water is a force of nature”! And another shout out to our friends at Les Nouveaux Robinson who provided us with the paper bags needed for our CleanUp activities 🙏

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