October CleanUp with Les Nouveaux Robinson ♻️

We are delighted to announce our renewed partnership with Les Nouveaux Robinson, a foodstuffs cooperative based in the Paris region!

Set up in the nearby suburb of Montreuil in 1993, Les Nouveaux Robinson were very much trailblazers in purveying a wide range of organic products at a time when few others were doing so. Indeed, no other major brand, until then, was offering such a wide variety of organic foodstuffs in Paris and its neighbouring suburbs (over 8000 options to choose from), and Les Nouveaux Robinson continues to go from strength to strength to this day 🌿

So, in order to celebrate our partnership, we decided to go out and… you guessed it, collect some rubbish! Yes, yes, we like to celebrate things in a clean and wholesome way here at The Climat’Optimists! 😄

Kicking off at a Les Nouveaux Robinson shop front located at number 13 Cours de Vincennes in Paris, we spent just over 1 hour at the nearby Place de la Nation cleaning up the neighbourhood. And what did we end up with? The usual mix of #plastic waste, discarded cans, all kinds of paper rubbish and… an all-time record of 2,233 cigarette butts!! 🚭

Through this simple act, we were able to save more than ONE MILLION litres of water from contamination!

A big thanks to Justine from Les Nouveaux Robinson 🙏 We here at Les Climat’Optimists are delighted to work alongside such a wonderful partner, and one that helps us show how green actions every day can go a very long way! 🤗🌿🌏☀️

Check out the photos of our outing here on our Facebook page!