September CleanUp in Merlimont ♻️

No time to waste!  To celebrate our first birthday, we gifted ourselves with… a beach CleanUp! 🌊

In just one hour, we were able to gather a multitude of plastic cups and straws, not to mention endless reams of fishing net! 🐟

And, as ever, cigarette butts were found in abundance. A total of 289 ended up at the bottom of our collection bottle, as opposed to the bottom of the ocean. Thanks to this simple gesture, we were able to save 114,500 litres of water from pollution 😍

A shout out to Merlimont town council for their informative signage on beach cleanliness! A step in the right direction to stop such waste! For our second year in action, we’d like to wish you 12 months of less plastic waste and more optimism for the sake of biodiversity! 🌿🌏☀️

More pictures on our Facebook page!