International Women’s Day 🌿🌏☀️

↖️ Virginie, Head of Climate Mobilisations
↗️ Pauline, Head of Oceans
↙️ Manon, Head of Education
↘️ Asma, Co-president

All committed to fighting climate change and protecting biodiversity… but not content to wait around until the year 2168, when gender equality will be achieved at prevailing rates of progress!

World Water Week: Making Real Change 💧

As our Head of Water, our Co-president Asma participates these days at the World Water Week, organised every summer in Stockholm for nearly 30 years by the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI)!

From 25 to 30 August, Asma will raise the voice of youth to promote an inclusive vision of water management, leaving no one behind.

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Asma & Virginie at the UNESCO Water Conference 🇺🇳💧

On 13 and 14 May, Asma, our Co-president, and Virginie, our Head of Climate Mobilisations, represented The Climat’Optimists at the UNESCO Water Conference held in Paris 🇫🇷

As theme leader of our action on water issues, Asma was nominated by UNESCO as young water professional and invited to follow conference sessions as rapporteur 📝

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What role for Youth in Integrated Water Resources Management? 💧


What role for youth in the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and in particular Integrated Water Resources Management? Read the vision of Asma, our Co-president, in the UN Chronicle:

In September 2015, the United Nations General Assembly adopted the resolution “Transforming our World: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.”1 This new development agenda propagates an all-of-society engagement and partnership as a main driver for transformation. It is a collective action plan that unites State and non-State actors, whereby adequate opportunity and space is given to all major groups in society.

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