Vivez Nature Fair: Thanks to Savoir-faire & Découverte! 🌿

Ever wanted to attend a workshop on how to make delicious vegetarian meals? Or a crash course on the most effective medicinal plants? Or indeed a lesson on honey and sustainable beekeeping?

Well, with Savoir-Faire & Découverte, you’ve come to the right place!

With more than 150 workshops and training sessions to choose from, the environmentally conscious service offers all manner of options that can help people learn to produce eco-friendly alternatives themselves, while also showing us how to learn and grow, and if one wishes, even helping people change profession entirely and finding something that’s a better fit!

To this end, we wanted to show our appreciation for ‘Savoir-Faire & Découverte’, a service which teaches us all that when it comes to switching to a more environmentally sustainable lifestyle, we can all learn by doing!