World Cleanup Day ♻️

Today marks World Cleanup Day! That’s right, thousands of people have come together in 156 countries around the world in order to make 15 September the international day for collecting rubbish!

The most prominent kind of discarded waste found in France today is the infamous cigarette butt 🇫🇷 Over 2 billion cigarette butts are improperly thrown away every year on the streets of Paris, and over 30 billion in the whole of France.

What some don’t seem to realise when they do this is that just one discarded cigarette butt results in 500 litres of water being contaminated!

To mark World Cleanup Day, we ventured out to Martin Luther King Park, in the northwest of the French capital, and the results were quite astounding.

The waste we discovered was multifarious, ranging from old beer cans and bits of discarded plastic, to leftover confetti and cigarette butts, all of which we found in great abundance.

Every single action has its consequences, be they positive or negative, so every gesture we make to remedy such waste disposal helps lessen our impact on the biodiversity that surrounds us.

We know that, for our part at least, we certainly won’t be waiting for next year’s World Cleanup Day to go out and repeat this exercise! 🌿🌏☀️