World Tuna Day: YES to the Blue Manifesto for healthy oceans! 🐟

Today marks World Tuna Day 2020! Yes, you heard it right! Perhaps not the sexiest of symbolic occasions, but it’s not exactly the least sought-after fish either. Indeed, all around the world, over 150kg of tuna fall prey to fishing trawlers every single second! 😱

These days, world tuna consumption is quite staggeringly equivalent to that of… Nutella 🙈 More than 7 million tonnes of #tuna are fished from or oceans and subsequently distributed each year, and as much as 75% of it ends up being canned, then sold in our supermarkets.

As we remain indoors and endure ongoing lockdown measures, all around the world we notice the return of fish life and marine mammals to parts of the ocean where they could no longer be seen, and in particular close to our coastlines 🐳

With this, as a youth movement we are absolutely delighted to support the “Blue Manifesto initiative, which is committing to a healthy ocean in 2030. The initiative is a joint effort launched by Seas at Risk, BirdLife Europe and Central Asia, Oceana Europe, Surfrider Foundation Europe and the WWF.

The #BlueManifesto represents a vision and a European action plan for the next 10 years to achieve:
🐟 the protection of at least 30% of the ocean by 2030;
🐟 the shift to low-impact fishing;
🐟 a pollution-free ocean;
🐟 the planning of human activities that support the restoration of thriving marine ecosystems.

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