International Day of Light 2020! 💡

Today marks International Day of Light 2020! And what better time to fight against – you guessed it! – light pollution? 🤗

With each and every lights-out operation that we undertake, we come across far too many shop fronts and shop signage left illuminated well after 1:00am, which flies in the face of prevailing regulations 😒

Light pollution increases by around 2% every year, and yet, the solution couldn’t be simpler! Turn off the lights!

Through the simple act of switching off unnecessary lighting, we can achieve very important goals:

  • In relation to #ClimateChange – Light pollution represents almost 250,000 tonnes of avoidable CO2 emissions every single year.
  • In relation to #Biodiversity – Light pollution is the second cause of death to insects, just after pesticides.

To this end, we’ve reached out to the CEO of French mobile phone operator SFR to ask if he knew what this was all about. And above all, to go lights out! 🌿🌏🌝