Organic Christmas Fair – Thank You Poulehouse!

Poulehouse is a French start-up with one goal in mind. Saving hens!

And believe us, this is one egg producer that is wholly committed to its motto of “the egg doesn’t kill the chicken”.

Did you know that many laying hens are killed at the age of just 18 months simply because they’re no longer considered productive enough? They end up being prematurely culled even though they could live for another 10 years in some cases!

Poulehouse (or “hen house”, as it were) has decided to change producers’ mindsets when it comes to such practises. When hens are deemed no longer productive, they are transferred to an educational farm in the Limousin region of south-central France, where they are used for other purposes and are nurtured and taken care of until their death.

For such a great initiative, we wanted to express our gratitude to Poulehouse. Thank you for your efforts to better animal welfare and preserve biodiversity. 🌿🌏☀️

Click here to learn more about their endeavours for more respectful egg production!