Thibaut Goes to Canada

Our Communications Officer Thibaut has been selected to take part in the Institut du Nouveau Monde’s 11th annual “winter session” programme in association with the France-Quebec Office for Youth.

The event takes place over three days and it allows participants to experience several different forms of citizens’ engagement. This special edition will be open to young people aged 15 to 35 and its goal is for them to reflect upon and propose both individual and collective solutions on how to tackle climate change.

What will tomorrow’s climate look like? How will we live together in a society where population movements and increased cultural, linguistic and economic differences stand to become the norm?

Indeed, a host of changes look set to transform the way we live, from citizens’ movements, green technologies and lifestyle changes to public policy reform and new forms of solidarity. Thibaut will carry the flag on our behalf, and he will share our vision and our call to action.

After all, green actions every day can go a very long way!