As you all know, one of our top priorities has always been protecting the oceans from land-based pollution. Remember when we contributed to the World CleanUp Day to preserve biodiversity and climate? 🚮

Within a year we were able to collect more than 5,800 cigarette butts, thereby saving 3 million litres of water! We also picked up a variety of litter —all of which should not be thrown out in the first place—, which inevitably would end up in the ocean 🙈

Quarantines prevented us from continuing our scheduled environmental cleanups, yet we stay committed to our goals to protect marine ecosystems and will keep on finding ways, programs and organisations which seek to act for the oceans 🐟

We are therefore thrilled to announce that we joined the Génération Mer community in order to pursue our commitment to ensure the health of oceans ! Scientists, athletes, explorers, associations, foundations, etc: together we are determined to raise public awareness about the necessity to protect oceans ! 🌿🌏☀️

Have a look at the charter here !