MIF Expo: A Big Thanks to 1083!

1083km and not one step further! 1083km is the exact distance separating the two cities located furthest from each other in France. 1083 is also the name adopted by a 🇫🇷 brand that decided to take on the highly competitive jeans industry 3 years ago. #MadeInFrance 👖

From dyeing to weaving to tailoring, 1083 jeans are entirely made in France!

But that’s not all! 1083 have also made the responsible decision to manufacture their jeans entirely from organic cotton. 🌿

So, from one eco-conscious enterprise to another, THANK YOU Aurore and everyone else at 1083 team for taking action on climate change whilst giving us all a fresh new look in the process! 🌿🌏☀️

A fresh new look demonstrated with flair by Thibaut in the picture shown! 😉

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