MIF Expo: Many Thanks to La Gentle Factory!

La Gentle Factory is a 🇫🇷 brand created in 2013 by Christèle, and one that helps demonstrate that the clothing industry too can be an active participant in working towards a better world!

Sewing, weaving, tailoring, buttoning, serigraphy, yes, pretty much everything! All these skills can be sourced and put to work right here in France!

But that’s not all! On top of all this, La Gentle Factory wanted to go one step further by developing a fair and environmentally friendly production model. The brand therefore offers clothes not only made in our own backyard, but fashion made with natural, organic and recycled material.

So, THANK YOU Christèle, Sarah and everyone else on the team for optimistically fighting climate change through your responsible manufacturing processes! Long live organic and fair fashion! 🌿🌏☀

For a closer looks at their enticing threads, just check out Thibaut’s sweater and Vivien’s trouser-jacket combo! 😄👕👖

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